Tasbijoux Couture is the design division under TasBijoux Sdn Bhd formed in 2016. The studio is an international design collaboration initiative between our Kuala Lumpur team with other craftsmen workshop from Budapest (Hungary), New York (USA) and Florence (Italy).

We source our raw materials and hardwares from around the world. Exotic leathers like ostrich skin is sourced from a farm in South Africa, beautiful designer leathers from Vienna (Austria) and hardwares are usually made in Naples, Italy. Therefore the bags are true luxury pieces, made in limited numbers to ensure exclusivity.

Each workshop we collaborate with has an extensive amount of experience in the art of leather handbag making. Each craftsmen have a unique signature style of making the bags, giving it a sense of personalization to the wearer. The bags are made to match any designer bags in the market, but without the mass production element, therefore when you carry a Tasbijoux Couture piece, you are carrying a one-of-a-kind item.



The TasBijoux team in Kuala Lumpur works with a number of international workshop to achieve a total exclusive bespoke experience for the client. Depending on the design brief of the client, the bags will be made with the specific specialist to produce the desired piece for the client.


Peter & Eszter Marton, Owner of GION Bags, Budapest (Hungary)

The workshop is led by the Master Craftsmen, Mr Peter Marton who have been making bags for 40-years since the 1970’s. Most of the bags produced in this workshop are bespoke one-of-a-kind couture pieces. Designs are usually not reproduced once made. The Martons have been collaboprating with TasBijoux since June 2016.


The Carbotti Workshop, Martina Franca (Italy)

This 60 year old workshop is owned by the Carbotti family who have been making bags for several big names of the leather bags and footwear industry. Their bags are mainly handmade with very fine craftmanship that rivals any of the designer products out there.


The Pietro Family, New York City (New York, USA)

The Dabagh family started Pietro in 1982, making beautiful basic bags for New Yorkers. All of the bags are handmade in small quantities, without compromising the quality and the story of passion behind every stitched leather. The workshop have been with TasBijoux since January 2017.